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St George's Academy

SAT Scholarships



 The SAT can get you scholarships at prestigious Ivy League Universities 

Congratulations to our top scoring SAT students.

Our students have been accepted to Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University

With a SAT Scholarship You can pursue any subject area you choose

Do you imagine yourself as a Scientist or Engineer?

Do you want to become a Doctor or a Lawyer?

or why not be the first Trini Astronaut to land on Jupiter 

SAT can help you achieve your dreams!! 

Scholarships are available for any major (subject area) 


Scholarships are available at most major universities


At St George's we make you known to your chosen universities


We match you according to your personal profile and source maximum funding for you.


We're excited!! We're Proud!! 

Scholarships are pouring in !!!!

Takira won a Scholarship

Paul got Scholarships to every University he applied to

Marissa got a scholarship

Akira won one too

Our students have won scholarships

ranging from

$18000 US to $55,000 US per year 


A SAT Scholarship can cover tuition,dorm cost and all meals

 you sometimes get a monthly stipend

You can also work on Campus

  CLASSES 2014


Classes are Saturdays 9:00 - 12:00am 


Registration is open!!  Register by September 6th 2014  




SAT tuition begins SATURDAY 13th September 2014 and goes to December Exams. 

Examinations are in December

 Our SAT Scholarship Programme is a complete programme

 You get tuition, diagnostic testing,Scholarship assistance and extensive past paper review

  We match you with universities that will offer you maximum funding 

 We assist you with the scholarship application process


Students can register for our SAT Scholarship Programme  at the office 

The Tunapuna Satellite Office is located at 12 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna, 663-7281.


 Office days are Mondays - Fridays 9 am - 4pm Saturdays 9:00am - 12:00


Walk with copies of any/ all academic certificates, birth certificate, national picture ID and 1 passport picture. 

For immediate assistance or further information you can call or text 765-9985 anytime






 Make Your Dreams Your Reality


 Your future is Now